Why World Powers Love to Invade?

The history of mankind is filled with such events

2 min readFeb 25, 2022


People holding poster #Stop Putin.
Photo by Matti from Pexels

What a complex world we live in!

or maybe it is a simple one,

Might is Right!

Do you agree or not?

Do not expect justice where might is right, Plato

People have been crying and looking for some bunkers after seeing Russin gunships hovering above their heads in Ukraine since the dawn of February 24th, 2022.

It seems another mighty power has decided to check its muscles on innocent civilians for different political or strategical differences.

We’ve witnessed the same in the last decade or so in different parts of the world like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.

World powers may get what they want from such adventures but ultimate losers are the people who remain at the suffering end. Civilians from countries are innocent and they pay the most in such exercises.

Recent developments in Ukraine and Russia will result in loss to civilian people. Kids will be having bad dreams for the rest of their lives instead of fairy tale dreams.

However, this is what is happening for ages and we can just pray that sense might come to human beings to stop such evil practices to safeguard humanity and for mutual respect.

We must be playing our every bit in this world for peace and give peace every chance to prevail.

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