This is What Lacks in My Writing?

I know there are many more



Photo by Michael Burrows from Pexels

Like every day I wake up and try to motivate myself to become a supercharged personality like Sinem Günel and Kristina God.

I love their energy and crave to have it in myself. Medium has seen Sinem Günel growing up massively at the forum and off the forum. She has been contributing massively to the lives of people.

Kristina God is my next big one on the list. She has transformed herself into a true warrior and producing quality content. I'm happy to be with her in the close coaching circle.

I love to write more and more content and guess what?

I read more and more.

Any similarities?

I’m trying if I could transfer some of the read time into the writing.

It’s a great forum and I love to write here to express my views and to read the articles of my fellow writers.




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