2 min readOct 19, 2023


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Life is not easy

Yes it is not

Don’t read

If you are a positive one

Though people will relate to it

I’m sure

Life is hard — not easy

Many chose to quit it

I don’t blame them

They could not bear it more

Quit seemed an easy pill to take

Quitting at once rather than getting hurt day by day, minute by minute, inch by inch

I hate the toxic life

I doubt we were born for this

How on earth mankind reached so low

We were good once we were not civilized

Or whether are we civilized now?

I doubt

If we were

We would not have seen

People quitting

People dying of hunger

Females selling themselves for the bread of their families.

No, we were not born for this I’m sure.

How dreadful are the times

I read someone saying

“this world might be the hell of some other planet”

I agree to it largely.

There is no love, care and trust amongst the fellow human beings.

People are working to cut you through whether at your work, or in families or anywhere.

No, we were not born for this.

I’m speechless, I’m bleeding

I can’t take it anymore.

I will follow them

Who did it earlier

I will quit


Sure I will.




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