My Family Story — See, Who is Suffering?

Parenting has far more impacts than we think.

3 min readFeb 11, 2024


Laying in bed, so drained that could not pick up my laptop, and just picked up my cell and rolled my thoughts on the app.

I can't share my thoughts with people around me in this brick house.

But it's easy for me to share with thousands of you here, courtesy of this great platform.

You are the ones who always supported and advised me when I'm down and out.

So many efforts, go in vain.

When you are not on the same frequency of minds

Everything spoils, every effort spoils,

Who gets the most beating?

The pair?


The Kids

I can't bear the eyes of my kids.

We are not good.

They are unfortunate to find us.

They say money can't buy happiness,

I agree with it the most.

We are better than many,


We are more unhappy than most as well.




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