Hey Medium I’m Done With Reading Too Many Success Stories

Where is my success?

2 min readApr 22, 2024


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The coolest part of being on Medium is to have access to great people all around the world.

We come across too many success stories and I enjoy a lot reading them, it motivates me.

I am heading towards 40, still have not found my regular income stream, besides having a 9–5. But, I’m sure that won’t last as I always wanted to explore sole entrepreneurship.

For the same, this platform was a great inspiration for me.

Yet, at times it feels that the world is winning and I’m on the losing end.

Maybe it is due to the lack of time available to pursue what I love to do, or maybe the lack of direction.

But surely people are winning in this digital race and there is plenty of margin available for people doing it rightly.

There are countless success stories and countless opportunities, yet I have to find my way to success.

The theory says so many things, but in practice, there are a few more additions to that lesson as well.

I usually utilize this platform to share my recent thoughts with my friends over here to ease myself and to get feedback and words of advice from different people located at distant places on the globe.

Let’s hope it gets better for me and soon I come with a winning note.

Stay blessed everyone.




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