Finally Some Words From the Management of Medium

It will surely give confidence to the writers

2 min readOct 12, 2023


Since the last week of September, there has been chaos amongst the writers, whether they were writing on Medium or other social media platforms.

Writers were quite right in expressing their concerns about what had happened for such a turnaround of the events.

Earnings were almost at a standstill.

There was surely something everyone knew.

Later, Tony Stubblebine shared some insights into what was happening in the scenes.

That statement was due and took off the pressure from the writers to some extent.

Yet the results of the financial payout are still the same.

CEO promised a detailed reply on the matter officially.

Yesterday, an email popped up and narrated the scenario.

It has endorsed the earlier version that something illicit was going on and leaking the income in a malafide way.

Seemingly, some kind of technology/bots were used for the fake/systematic and programmatic engagements to cheat the algorithm.

The Medium caught it, and corrective measures were taken.

Thank God.

The best part of the email was as follows;

We will be re-calculating and applying earning adjustments to all writers that were affected by the activity of the fraudulent accounts. If your account was impacted, you will see a credit on your October earnings report by the end of this month

Screenshot from the Inbox

I’ve been here for more than three years, and this platform has allowed me to meet some best friends around the globe.

It’s a great platform to write your heart out and find like-minded people.

I’m sure. Soon, it will be back on track, and all the distractions will fade.

Stay blessed, everyone.

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