Do You Know What is Planned?

Know One Does! Life is Unpredictable!

2 min readMar 24, 2024


Photo by Danie Franco on Unsplash

We think we can plan our future.

But, do we?

I guess, we can’t.

There is something more than us.

Yes, we decide many things on our own.

Yet, there are some decisions which don’t go as we plan.

I’m many of us can relate when life was not going as we planned. And took such a turn that had a lasting impact on our lives.

It was all set for a good weekend, full of joy and fun with the family.

It was planned a few weeks earlier by the family.

But, fate had planned it otherwise — don’t know when.

It was fun all around, nice chats, giggles, smiles everywhere.

All of a sudden, a phone rang.

There was something wrong.

There was an accident.

No one knew anything.

Panic aroused.

More details came

It broke everything

It shattered everything

The young souls who were enjoying while a go, were no more in minutes 🥺😥




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