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A brief intro

2 min readNov 22, 2021
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Aloha! I’m AHK

Welcome to my about me story!

Yes, it’s my pen name!

I just wanted to use a different name in my writings. There is nothing secret to it. probably I'm not the only one doing such an act.

I’m in my mid-30s, the youngest in the family.

My life’s motto is: ‘to allow love and peace to prosper in this world’💕

As an adult, I’ve fed my motto by helping my colleagues at the workplace to become better at work and at home. I love to read Rumi and thoughts for humanity. I became a banker after my studies, and later on, worked as an online writer (part-time) to increase my reach to the people.

Around a year and a half back, surfing around the internet I came across Medium. Immediately I fell in love with the forum due to its inspiring community and I said to myself: Let’s give it a try.

I’ve been writing on Medium since July 2020. I mostly write about personal development, self, family, and money articles. I’m excited to share my stories with each of you!✍

I’m very young at blogging, started my Medium journey in July 2020. I felt that my knowledge and experiences offer me a unique aspect and would love to share that…




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