4 Pains That Every Elder Feels

We want to become elders when we are young

4 min readJul 1, 2022


Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

How many of you remember when we were young, we wanted to grow up in a hurry. We wanted to grow up and earn our own money like elders to fulfill our desires.

It was fascinating looking at elders like fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters buying things for us. Paying the bills for our dinners. We all wanted to become grown up to have that charm. We were so eager to become the elder in a hurry.

And then it happened — we become elder.

At least I at least miss my childhood. When we became older, we knew this charm and quest to become elder was fake. There was more behind than it was on the front. As famously said;

All that glitter is not gold.

We saw it from a distance, which was fascinating for us, but in actuality, we missed the sacrifices our elders made for us.

Once we’re in their shoes, it has been challenging to leave young ones and go to work. But, taking care of the children is a duty, and I will do it for sure.

When we become an elder we miss certain aspects of our lives, few of them are listed below;

1- Happiness

I can easily miss the happiness the most. I’m not saying that we don’t get happy when we grow old. We get so glad, but we cannot compare it with the happiness of our childhood; that joy was so true. It was so divine. It was so heavenly.

I can’t reach the pleasure of this adult age with the satisfaction of my young age. We could be happy with a piece of chocolate, a slice of bread. We were so glad to be alongside our parents and siblings.

2- Freedom

We were not duty-bound to anything while we were kids. Who can bound a child for anything?

As a child, we could be doing anything; what we like to do at night, day even in rain, nothing stops a child from doing whatever they want. But as grown-up men and women, we don’t have those luxuries. I’d love to have those luxuries in our lives, but our jobs or business bind us.

We’re also not accessible after office hours, as we’ve got a family. We’ve to look…




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